Why You Should Celebrate Your Love Today

Why You Should Celebrate Your Love Today

Why You Should Celebrate Your Love Today


I have no doubt that one of the greatest mysteries of life is the story of Love when it doesn’t work out.

It bothers me. It makes me angry. It makes me cry.

Sometimes the flawed and broken and selfish parts of us keep us from being Brave. Sometimes the fear of losing parts of ourselves for the good of someone else keeps us from stepping up to the plate.

When I chose to marry my Honey, I did so because I knew the value of True Love. I knew this value because it is what I had given for 18 months continuously, hoping to prove myself to no avail. I know what it feels like to truly Love someone, and then to be discarded like yesterdays trash. That is the deepest pain I have ever known. Days when I laid on my face for hours at a time, crying out to God just to give me relief from my pain. Days when just breathing felt like more pain than I could bear. I had seen heart break from a distance, and you can empathize. But when you Love truly, and your heart is broken by unrequited Love, I think it is one of the darkest experiences anyone could ever face.

I experienced this pain for months. It was a time so intense, I didn’t know if I would be able to Love again.

Though it sounds tragic, I recognized Love when I saw it as a direct result from this pain. You can’t help recognizing it after giving for so long and never seeing that Love returned. At the end of the day, that was why I eloped: I wasn’t going to let this Love go to chance. I wasn’t going to let this Love go.

When someone will go to the ends of the earth for you, when they will do anything to keep your tears away, when they want to be your sunshine, when there really isn’t a mountain high enough to keep them from you…That is a Love that you don’t let go.

I am learning that this kind of Love is a reason to celebrate. This kind of Love is why we ought to have weddings: When you have been gifted with True Love, it is reason to rejoice, to exult, to share, to celebrate. True Love is a commodity. It is a rarity. It is not common.

Do you have this Love? Take the time today to embrace them. Take the time to hold them in your arms and whisper how wonderful you believe them to be. Take the time to show how much you value that Love.

But, don’t forget all those who’s hearts have been broken. Don’t abandon those who’s time for Love has not yet come. Don’t turn a distant stare to those who have lost their Love. Send a prayer their way. Remind them that Love has come for them in the name of a man-God.

His Love is Unstoppable. And it will never fail.

[Take the time to reach out to someone today who may need to know that they are truly loved. You may touch their life more than you will ever know.]

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