Why You Should Build a Daily Routine [and a Sneak Peek at CRAFT!]

Why You Should Build a Daily Routine [and a Sneak Peek at CRAFT!]

Why You Should Build a Daily Routine [and a Sneak Peek at CRAFT!]

Ok. Since I am so stoked about CRAFT, I just h.a.v.e. to give you a SNEAK PEEK at this awesome program which has been an entire year in the making! I really hope YOU can make it! 😉

Now, I realize photographers have really busy and full lives. So today I wanted to give some tips on how to build a daily routine that would help you accomplish everything you need to as a photographer, and still have time for other things!

While I was building Brideinspired, I made sure to build my day to always include editing, promotion, and communication. The amount of time I spent on any of those given areas changed depending on my workload or daily activities, but no matter what, I knew it was important to hit each one.

A daily business routine including the most important task areas of your business can completely eliminate your sense of worry or confusion at the “what should I do today” questions. Moreover, instead of that “oh no I forgot to…”, the top three priorities help guide your memory for also the tasks you need to remember to do.


Now I have to admit, I really enjoy editing. Many photographers don’t. But I have found that once you work out the development of your editing style, editing becomes a fairly mindless task. So when did the best time for mindless tasks? When the demanding Ones are finished. I became pretty adept in multi-tasking with editing – talking on the phone, listening to audio books etc. Make the most of your editing time!


For Photographers, communication tends to be an enormously neglected area of their business operations. I have heard so many stories of photographers who don’t regularly communicate with their clients and honestly, it creates for the worst client experiments. You want more reviews? You want to get more referrals than you know what to do with? Communicate. Regularly. With your clients and past clients. Write emails. Send messages. Make follow up calls. Start your workday with these takes because they tend to be the ones that take a good amount of work and mental drain. Beyond this, can you imagine how excited your clients will be to get an email from you at the start of their day? They just might fall over in delighted surprise right?


I rarely did anything with social media that wasn’t a part of a greater plan. Nowadays, it’s imperative for photographers to have a very strategic plan of attack for social media. If you don’t have a plan, you could actually waste a lot of time and effort with meaningless tasks that amount to nothing. In an industry where the average work week is 60-80 hours, you can’t afford to waste your time. Build a plan. And then implement it. It doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated. Just use social media and the other tools you have at your disposal to reach your ideal audience.

So what does this look like in practice?Why You sHOULD HAVE A DAILY ROUTINE_

Sample Photographer Routine:
9am-11am: Client communication, emails, newsletter etc
11-2 Promotion and social media with a lunch break in between
3-6: Photoshoots and or editing

Now I realize that this is something for a full time photographers. So what happens when you have a part time job and are slowly building your photo business in your spare time?

Of course, you can expect this to be quite a bit more challenging, but I promise it is still doable. I would say that its probably even more imperative that you have a consistent routine, because your side business won’t take up your entire life. It goes without saying that the practical application will look different than for a full time photographer. Most likely, you will have to allot certain specific days for your tasks, rather than hitting every area, every single day. It will take discipline to keep to that schedule, because you work on what you have planned, rather than what feels good on that particular day. But I promise your productivity will soar!

Sample Part Time Photographer Routine:
Monday and Thursday – Communication Day! Emails, phone calls, and messages
Tuesday and Wednesday – Editing and Promotion
Wednesday and Friday – Editing
Saturday – Photoshoots

What makes your routine so successful? Write any helpful tips in the comments below!

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