The Year of the Entrepreneur

The Year of the Entrepreneur

The Year of the Entrepreneur

After a very very good but long 5 years – which seemed like a little bit of a stretch for this driven and ambitious Entrepreneur –  I am phasing out my current “day job”.

I know. It’s time to start hyperventilating.

But not really. Because truly, it’s time.

Sometimes you get that “knowing” in your spirit that a season is over and its time for a new season to dawn. I’ve been a Life Coach for almost 5 years now and it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve made some sincerely wonderful relationships, and learned so much about being a coach that it is now a completely instinctive part of me (just ask my honey when I start talking to him in my “Coach Voice.”)

This isn’t a sudden decision. It actually was very deliberate and conscious. An interesting combination of elements drove my new direction: 1). A conversation with my doctor that something has to give;” 2).  A realization that the only thing I couldn’t give up was my Entrepreneurial ventures, and 3). OF COURSE, turning 30.

I don’t want to spend my life for things that I am not passionate about, or things that don’t excite me to get out of bed in the morning. With my health being a difficult enough challenge, I concluded that I needed to be working in such a way that I actually gain energy back from what I’m doing.

With the support of my wonderful honey, I’m announcing that 2015 is the Year of the Entrepreneur.

I wish I could tell you how thrilled I am.

I’m finally giving myself permission to run with my dreams. I’m accepting that what I’m good at may be unconventional, but that’s ok. I’m turning my focus to writing, to creating, to photographing, and to promoting. I am launching my Photopreneur course in Mid-March. I’m working with stylists and entrepreneurs producing art that they can use in their business. And I am starting a new Business Venture that has just knocked the socks off both Phil and myself. I know it won’t be easy. But I also know that I can break down strategies to make these dreams a visionary reality. If I can do it, WHY NOT??

This last week I heard 3 stories about people who died unexpectedly over the holidays. It was a somber reminder that life is too short to live for tomorrow. I have to make today the best I have, because IT IS.

I don’t want to just encourage you, I want to challenge you.

1. It’s time to live Fully Alive.

2. It’s time to walk towards knowing day has fulfilled it’s purpose.

3. It’s time to let go of lost and depressed, and embrace surrender and truth.

Who are you in the deepest parts?

This year, let that person out. Let your purpose shine in everything you spend your precious hours on.

I’m going to.

So why not we do it together?

Be a Dreamer. Be a Strategist. And make those Visions a reality.

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