The Twin[Sisters]

The Twin[Sisters]

The Twin[Sisters]


I have to be honest. I always wanted a twin. Without a doubt, if I had a twin, my life would be awesome forever and always. Ok I do realize how absurd that sounds, but for reals, thats how I feel. 😉

Watching my twin sisters grow up has been an incredible delight. Each of them has amazing strengths, giftings, and personality. I’ve rarely met such kindred souls who deeply care about friend or stranger the way these girls do. And to say my sisters are smart, and gorgeous, and ready to conquer the world is an absolute understatement! They are already so ahead of me when I was there age. I couldn’t be more proud of them.

This year, when things were hard and my health had me really down, my sisters did their best to lift me up and encourage me. They got me through workouts, they helped me find humor, and they were always ready for a hug. I wouldn’t get through the dark times without these two! They are such gifts. I can only imagine the amazing things in store for them!

So Emily is one of the funniest people I know. Always ready for a witty word and laugh, she was my workout buddy when we lived in Phoenix. She is determined to get through school as an EMT, and later move on to culinary school. She inspires me to keep on keeping on and smile because it’s gonna be ok.

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Abigail is probably the sweetest person I know besides my Mom. I give her a hard time about it, but I wouldn’t change anything about her. She is such a kindred and beautiful soul who makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She is such a wonderful conversationalist and I know she is going to THRIVE with her dental assistant program!!! (I wish I were this impressive ;-).

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It’s easy to see. The beauty of their souls comes out in their faces. I’m so glad these two are my sisters!

Emily and Abigail I wish you were in Denver so we could hang out, and do workouts, and laugh, and have girls nights together! But seriously, I hope you know how much you INSPIRE me, and how much I see you as true FRIENDS. <3


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