The [Self Care] Routine You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The [Self Care] Routine You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The [Self Care] Routine You Can’t Afford to Ignore

PARTY!Let’s be honest: It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the massive “to do list” to build our businesses. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for bringing in the money. You can’t rely on anyone else to make the magic happen. If you don’t build your business, no one else will.

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that fact caused many challenges for me. When I was building BrideInspired in the first few years, I would get up, stay in my PJ’s and work from the couch, the desk, and my bed for 12+ hours a day. Sometimes I’d give myself coffee breaks or food breaks. But once I was in a zone, I would stay in that zone until I felt great about the progress I made – and often that meant not emerging from my office cave for several days at a time.

Last year, I fell into the same patterns when I was developing my Business Course for Photographers I was burning both ends of the candle, and all along unbeknownst to me, my body was being worn down from Lyme Disease and major GI tract deterioration. No matter how much I tried to regulate my work, 1am would roll around and I was still trying to finish a project. I have no doubt you’ve been there too.

That special “creative zone” is something that many artists and entrepreneurs have in common. We want to see results for our labors, and when you enjoy the process its easy to get sucked into it at all cost. Unfortunately, that cost can be rather high. Your relationships may suffer. Your health may suffer. And your quality of life may suffer as well.

Since finding out my test results for Lyme Disease, I had to stop all my pursuits for the sake of my health. I put a drastic halt on my blogging, the free offers I was creating, and the business goals I had for the next year. It was one of the most depressing seasons of my life, because for me, the creative process was not one I could be a part of any longer.  It wasn’t until I put together an intensive and regulated Self Care routine that stepping back into the creative zone was an option.

This is why Ive felt the urge to hop on Periscope and start a new series on Self Care for Entrepreneurs. I’ll be sharing strategies, routines, and tips I’ve used to help get my health back on track. I’ve learned so many lessons about life and boundaries in the last several months and hope you will find some benefit!

Follow me @Christina_ND to tune in and start building your own simple self care routine that will yield great results in your personal and business life!

See you there!

PS – If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet, do it right now and fear not! Its simply an app similar to instagram but on a video platform. Follow friends and icons and then get alerts when they broadcast. Best part? You don’t have to set an alarm to tune in, simply login to your Periscope app and the list of broadcasts will generate from your followed profiles!


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