The Best Introductory Party Ever! [ReCap]

The Best Introductory Party Ever! [ReCap]

The Best Introductory Party Ever! [ReCap]

So, you may be asking, what’s the hype about CRAFT? Take a few moments and I’ll tell you! Last Saturday 30 photographers gathered in a little online party to get hyped up about this awesome Course!!!

You also know the reality: 8 out of every 10 photographers who try to create their dream business will fail. You don’t want to be in that statistic. You have a passion for your art, but you don’t want to be a starving artist. You think you could make it, but you simply don’t know how. You can’t afford to invest in something that doesn’t pay off. You can’t afford to waste time; The eyes of the world are on you, waiting for you to get a “real job.”

I’m here to tell you this: You WILL make it. And I’m going to help you make that happen.




I designed CRAFT to be YOUR solution. I wrote CRAFT to become your personal mentor and coach through the process of building a profitable dream business. In the midst of health challenges, a cross country move, and life, I have created a course that will give you the photography business you’ve always wanted.



Why take the time when I could be actually photographing clients, OR taking extra hours from a busy week to do this intensive?? Let’s here from one of my former mentorees Tim!

“Like any college course, or thing of worth you have to invest your time into it. When Christina told me about her mentorship program I was a little skeptical. “Do I really need this?” “Do I have the time?” And of course, “What’s in it for me?”

I found that during my mentorship I was much more focused and driven. These things translated to having “more time” in my day to do the assignments and reading. Yes, there’s reading.

So do I feel that the this is worth the time investment? Absolutely! Until I was mentored by Christina it sometimes felt that I was stumbling around in the dark. I didn’t have a clue about photographer-client relationships, marketing, contracts, and even myself really. But with Christina’s thoughtful guidance I was able to get my photography business up and running much quicker than I ever could have on my own. If you’re in the dark, let someone with wisdom and a headlamp show you the way.” – Tim K.



WHO is a good fit for CRAFT?!?!?

CRAFT is for the underdogs, the dark horses, and the David’s of entrepreneurship. It isn’t for people who feel like they know it all. It isn’t for photographers who think they can make it on their own. CRAFT is for those who want more than anything to build a profitable business, and don’t want to waste time with trial and error. CRAFT is not for those who believe a dream business will happen on its’ own.

CraftQuote3FACT FIVE:

Want to hear from a REAL Photographer who has gone through CRAFT? Check out this story from one of my dearest Mentorees – Alanna!



What is actually covered in CRAFT? With all the workshops out there, how is this course different?!?

I’m going to give you the CRAFT-ProgramGuide of Craft RIGHT NOW!!!


Ok, quick pause from the Module offerings to explain – HOW IS CRAFT STRUCTURED?!?!

Craft is 6 weeks of videos, worksheets, phone calls, and support group dialogue for you to work through every obstacle, question, and action step necessary to build a profitable business as a PhotoPreneur. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of your business. And don’t worry, You can work through this completely at your own pace!



So here’s where it gets real folks. I soooo believe in this course, I’m willing to put the money where my mouth is!

When I first started my business, I was broke, I was in the middle of a cross country move, and the timing was terrible. But I knew that in order for me to make something happen during this time, I would have to make an investment. So I did. I went through a mentorship with Dane Sanders of Fast Track photographer, and for 3 months I paid $500 a month. It was challenging, it was difficult, but I was sure to get every penny’s worth out of that time. And from that, BrideInspired was borne.

Because I know the value and worth of CRAFT, I can promise that by the end of the course, it will already have paid itself – because when you do everything laid out, you will be getting clients. THAT is a guarantee a photographer can’t afford to pass up if they really want to make it in this industry.



REAL PHOTOGRAPHER STORY!!! Check out the amazing Saradipity Photos on FB. This girl is ON FIRE with her business and also went through the first version of CRAFT 3 years ago! She’s the one I call when I want photos!!!



With such an investment, you have to know it will be worthwhile for you! Here’s what another CRAFTER has said!



The price of CRAFT is absolutely worthwhile. I guarantee that you CAN do this. I guarantee that you CAN become a profitable photographer.


FACT TWELVE: Register for CRAFT before March 1st, and you get CRAFT at an early bird rate of $797 – $100 off the 50% off price!!! Here’s the Registration Link :

Happy Crafting!

– Christina

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