Texas Destination Wedding [BecomingBoley]

Texas Destination Wedding [BecomingBoley]

Texas Destination Wedding [BecomingBoley]

BecomingBoley-1402-2I start this post with two words:

This. Couple.

Calm. Cool. Collected. Vibrant. Carefree.

A couple filled with the most incredible JOY.

The very first time I met Jason was on the wedding day. I was on the patio, prepping a photo location, when the wedding coordinator passed by with a man on her heels. They were laughing – boisterously, heartily. And in passing I randomly heard his name – Jason. And I realized with quite a bit of surprise that this was the GROOM. This man, laughing as if he did not have a care in the world, was the groom to my lovely friend Laura Lindsey.

In that moment, I was ecstatic. And I couldn’t have been more amazed.

BecomingBoley-1428We all know that a wedding day is the craziest of times. Basically, you have to pull together the most incredible details you’ve chosen over several months, and everyone expects you to look dang good by the end too. This couple, as they were in process of “BecomingBoley” were poised with grace and elegance and complete joy.

To say I can’t wait to share this wedding is an understatement. Because this wedding was one of the most true and pure and celebratory occasions I’ve been privileged to be a part of. Because this couple is a TESTIMONY to the truth that Jesus has the power and heart to REDEEM even the most heartbreaking of stories, and turn that mourning into the fullest of JOY.

To be honest, it gave me chills. It gave me hope. It inspired me in a way I’ve rarely been at a wedding. It was special and unique in the best of ways.

Because ForeverLove was found.

I know this story will give you hope too.

So stay tuned. More Glorious Love coming soon!

Happy Tuesday!



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