Steele Family Portraits

Steele Family Portraits

Steele Family Portraits


A few times in a lifetime you may be fortunate enough to find yourself making a connection that transcends all others. These aren’t the typical relationships that come and go with time and distance. You can’t define them by simply “friendship”. The depth of care and support and camaraderie can only be described as “family”.

This last fall my hubby and I moved to Phoenix for a 6 month stint for his Volvo training. I was blessed to stay with my family and have the support of all my wonderful sisters and brother, and parents. While I was unable to pursue photography or coaching during that time, I decided to take on a nanny client family. I had absolutely no idea that decision would have been one of the best of my entire life.

My nanny family became a second family to me. Rarely have I ever met individuals who felt connected with me in the same way I felt connected to them. As someone who invests deep care and nurturing into my relationships, I was overwhelmed by the reciprocation the Steele family invested back into me. As I cared for their little ones I found myself becoming deep friends with them. Aspen’s giggles and snuggles were like gold. Buddy’s energy and excitement for art and creativity were full of joyous and life giving to my soul. And their parents, Lynn and Camden were incredible gifts as well – with conversation and support and guidance that meant more than words could ever say.

This family is absolutely amazing. Fun, feisty, energetic, and so kind. I miss them as much as I miss my own family. And yet I couldn’t be more grateful that our lives and hearts have been so entwined. One day I have no doubt they will make it to Colorado as well, and we can do daily life together once again. Until then, they will forever be in my thoughts and in my heart.

I think you will agree that the beauty of their souls is evident in their photos!













I love you Steele Family!


My name is Christina, and I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Denver, CO. I love my hubby, building deep relationships, fitness, and business. Send me an message if you would like to be featured as portrait clients on my blog!

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