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If you are reading this page, it’s probably because you are like the many photographers I have worked with:

DetailsPg1-1You needn’t worry anymore.

We got this. You and me. Together.

I will show you how to build that Profitable and Sustainable Dream Business.

DetailsPg2When it comes to your Dream Business, there’s a good chance you may be:

Overwhelmed at starting – by the legalities, paperwork, and tasks you are pretty sure it would involve.

Unsure of how to build – in a way that will get you the clients you need at the price you want to be paid.

Terrified to fail – and end up like so many other “starving artist” statistics you’ve heard about.

DetailsPg4You KNOW you have the passion.

You BELIEVE in the value of your work.

You have the SKILLS to create beautiful and compelling images.

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DetailsPg7This solution is called CRAFT Business Bootcamp for Photographers. And it will help you:

1. How to create a brand authentic to YOU

2. Identify your DREAM Clients

3. Work through the paperwork and legalities ONCE AND FOR ALL

4. How to create BUZZ about your business

5. Get paying clients RIGHT NOW

6. ESTABLISH your business Finances including pricing, cost of doing business, and income projections


DetailsPg8Have Less Stress:No more guesswork on the steps you need to take – I’ll show you how and you’ll do it through the course!

Make Money Now: You’ll have all the practicals in place to find and attract your dream clients before the course is even over!

Do What You Love: When your dream business is set up and going, you’ll be free to spend more time creating – and less time on the “office side”.

Enjoy the Process: With conversations, videos, worksheets, and group collaboration, you will love every minute you spend building the foundation and structure of your Dream Business.

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Complete Access: This course has everything you will need to get up and running or take your business to the next level. The videos, worksheets, and exercises are all geared towards you right where you are.

Exclusive Members: Our community of Photographers growing their dream businesses know exactly what you are going through, because they have been there too! You can ask questions, get feedback on projects, and have support as you go!

Practical and Real to Life Modules: You won’t just be working through information, you’ll dive in and complete actions that will establish your business the. right. way! I’ll even give you a preview of the curriculum right now!

Module Two_ Be Legit(1)– Lesson One: Keeping Values; Personal Values, Personal Offerings, Love List
– Lesson Two: What is a Brand? Get on Your Personality; Dream Business Profile;
– Lesson Three: Brands you love
– Lesson Four: Giving Worth; Photographic Values; Client Offerings;

Module Two_ Be Legit

– Lesson One: Whats in Your Name, Determining Five Words culminating from Personal Values, Personal Offerings, and Photographic Values
– Lesson Two: Make it Official: License and Registration,
– Lesson Three: Print releases, Contracts
– Lesson Four: Miscelany – Shooting permits, Insurance

ModuleThree– Lesson One: Ideal Client Profile;
– Lesson Two: Dream Client Story; Dissect Dream Client Story ;
– Lesson Three: Are you a good fit? Match ICP with personal offerings
– Lesson Four: Where can you find her? Social Circles Profile; Building Connections

ModuleFour– Lesson One: Creating Your Pull Story; Photographic Values meet your Why.
– Lesson Two: Market Research – Who is making it work? Who is your competition? High End, Mid End, and Low End comparisons
– Lesson Three: What do you offer that no one else can? Where personal Offerings are infused to your business; LoveList makes your brand unique through the eyes of your Five Words;
– Lesson Four: Touchpoints and Incorporating everything into your actual business

ModuleFive– Lesson One: Connecting with the Connectors;
– Lesson Two: Build your Networks; Strategic Offerings for maximum results
– Lesson Three: Referral Networks; Don’t do it all – be true to your values

ModuleSix– Lesson One: Cost of Doing Business; Pricing
– Lesson Two: Tax prep and considerations; year-round tasks, mileage, How to find State Income Tax specs; How to determine Federal Taxes; Factoring Taxes in every job; Finding an Accountant;
– Lesson Three: Budgeting on variable income; How you won’t make it unless you budget
– Lesson Four: Short-, mid-range, and long-term financial planning; How you can avoid failing by these secret tips



By the way, Who am I and why am I so confident in CRAFT?

I am a west coast girl at heart. I grew up in Portland, OR, lived for several years in Denver, CO, and am currently in Orlando, FL with my wonderful husband.

I’ve worked with artists my entire life. I know the lingo. I know the challenges and weaknesses they face. I’ve spent 6 years and thousands of hours teaching photographers how to take good photographs with the Institute in Photographic Studies. I was mentored by Dane Sanders of Fast Track Photographer. And I ran my own wedding and portrait photography studio full time for 8 years. I know what it means to start from scratch and build from the ground up.

I know how to build a business that is unique, identifiable, and sustainable. It’s also my passion. And that’s why CRAFT is here. Because I know that together we can build you a successful Dream Business that you will be proud of.

detailsPG(2)CRAFT Business Bootcamp is valued at $1897. But wait, don’t worry! This online introductory class includes a  SPECIAL OFFER! For a limited time only, I’m offering CRAFT for 50% off! I know – Photographers Rejoice right?!?! This special offer makes your price $897. And I can promise it won’t stay this price for long!

By the way, even the 70-200 IS f2.8 Lens is almost double this price [and everyone believes you should have that as a professional photographer right?]

So, your thinking: “I Know I Need to Do this. But Finances…$897?!?!”

Well, allow me to be frank. Owning a camera gives you zero promise of making an income as an artist. That may sound harsh, but I’m just telling you the facts. Only 2 out of every 10 photographers makes it in this industry – and they make it because they are armed with a camera and a whole heaping dose of Business Saavy. If you don’t know the business side, you won’t experience the joy of building your Dream Business. Don’t hate me for just telling you the statistics!

detailsPGIf you want to make it as a photographer, you need CRAFT Business Bootcamp as much as you need a camera.

I know, how can I say that right? Well I’ll give you my big promise here:

In your 6 weeks of CRAFT, I will help you make an extra $1,000 of income – just from the principles and exercises we work through together. That $1,000 will more than cover the cost of CRAFT. There is ZERO risk for you! The only investment you make, is one that I PROMISE you will make back completely! And can you imagine – at the end of CRAFT you will have launched your Dream Business, or taken it to a completely New Level.

This is your Dream Business we are talking about friend. How can you NOT afford to do CRAFT?

GetStartedI’m gonna sweeten the deal for you here:

For the introductory launch of CRAFT in March of 2015, I will be upgrading EVERY ENROLLMENT with weekly 30 minute coaching sessions from me. This means that you and I will personally be developing your Dream Business together. This is an extra value of $300! (Which means of course you’re getting $2,197 of value for $897. That’s a steal my friend!)

You will also get:

BONUS ONE:  A Mini Business Makeover Assessment to use in the future when you need to identify where to go next.

BONUS TWO: My book “30 Ways to Improve Your Wedding and Portrait Photography”

BONUS THREE: Discounts to my favorite designers and financial specialists to help you with those aspects of the business that may not be your specialty.


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