One Word that Will Change Your Photography Business

One Word that Will Change Your Photography Business

One Word that Will Change Your Photography Business

PhotographersConnectionToday as I sat in Starbucks, enjoying the warm Florida weather and blue skies, I started thinking back to my previous Photography Coaching clients through the years. I’ll go down memory lane as much as the next person, but this was a bit different. As I thought through the names of my clients, reminiscing about the goals they made and the growth we saw in our time together,  I was reminded of something that was priceless to me.


With every client, I made a special connection. I heard their dreams, their struggles, their fears; I listened to their efforts and angst. With each and every client I work with we develop more than a friendship, and more than a working relationship: Connection.

This one word makes the difference between sales, hiring, relationships, and ultimately, life.

So many of us go through our business operations and goals trying to be the best photographer, or beat competition, etc, that we forget one of the most fundamental qualities that will make the difference between any kind of relationship.

The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” Robin S. Sharma

Essentially, authentic human connection will channel into your business. Connection will fuel your business. Connection will drive your clients to you. The connected photographer – someone who’s genuine care translates into his or her business interactions – will find themselves with clients who couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. 

Connection isn’t simply care. Its deeper. Connection is based out of a mutual understanding at the base of our humanity. You can care for clients, and not have them connect with you. You can have a client whom you service, but you don’t connect with.

But what happens when you do have that connection?





Take a moment today and evaluate this question: How much do I focus on human connection with my clients?

Because connection is what makes a remarkable photographer.

Steady On!


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