My #1 Way to Make Magic [Every Time]

My #1 Way to Make Magic [Every Time]

My #1 Way to Make Magic [Every Time]


You ever feel like you are pushing through sludge to run your business? You know the days I’m talking about; Maybe you are out sick. Maybe you hit writers block with your blog. Maybe you are in the middle of re-branding your editing style and feel uninspired. Maybe you just feel uninspired in general. As artists, it can be really, really tough to perform when you aren’t “feeling it.” Trust me, I know. I’m on the tail end of a rough week of physical ailments, and each day has required a “push through” mindset that just isn’t pleasant or fun. And with a full weekend of shoots every day, that mindset is one I have to maintain for the long haul.

If you are anything like me, the drive to push through comes from a deep heart-ed commitment to create art that moves your clients, and service them in an exceptional way. In some ways, you are a “Magic Maker.” Your art has the power to create this magic, and you have the obligation to come through for your clients and deliver this.

The way I aim to “Make Magic” every time is visualization. I know it sounds funny but its true. I visualize my clients, their personalities, the way they interact, and the possibilities I can create in their photos. I visualize my audience reading my post when I have pushed through the writers block. I visualize impacting my clients lives through the content that I am creating. In some ways, this visualization provides me with a little “spark.” It gives me energy to push through. It gives me inspiration to create something worthwhile and relevant.

Do you practice visualization? How do you “Make Magic” for your clients every time? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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