Live Today for Your Photographic Dreams

Live Today for Your Photographic Dreams

Live Today for Your Photographic Dreams

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

I have a confession:

It’s really hard for me to live in the moment.

To a fault.

Living for today somehow always seems to be thwarted by the dreams of tomorrow. It’s probably because I’m not a very balanced person. In fact, I’m not balanced at all. I am single focused, one track mind, and driven to a fault. I’ve realized this week that I have to work really hard to live for today, because when I face the day, all I can see is the massive to-do list in front of me; The list that will make my dreams come to life.

Still, what’s the use of working towards your dreams if you don’t even enjoy today?

We photographers have it really tough in this department. A vast majority of photographers work another day job, and do the “weekend warrior” lifestyle, shooting as many gigs as you can fit into that period. As a result I think it’s easy to race from thing to thing, to work really hard, and to find ourselves caught up in a life that is exhausting and not sustainable.

For me to live for today involves putting my most important things first. What makes me contented to do today? And from there, I build the other things into my schedule. I’ll tell you it’s been a rough adjustment and I haven’t done it very well at all, but I’m trying. And here’s why I’m trying:

At the end of the day, if you aren’t doing what you love and what you want, chances are you probably aren’t doing anything as well as you could be. Because the truth is this: What we do best is what we love. 

If you are a photographer, and what you love most is shooting, then you have to live and sacrifice for that today. You have to learn as much as you can do incorporate that into your life, so that you can also do that forever. You have to learn what steps to take. You have to learn what action to make. You have to learn which actions to put first.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I built CRAFT Business Bootcamp for YOU. I know from experience that owning a camera will get your foot in the door for building a business, but a camera won’t build you a sustainable and profitable business – CRAFT will.

And if you want to be a photographer, you need CRAFT as much as you need your camera.

CRAFT launches in just 9 days. I am so excited for the photographers who are registered, because I know that it is the game changer every photographer has been waiting for.

Are you joining me for CRAFT? If so, I am unimaginably stoked to work with you.

If not, I am going to ask a question: Why? Is your dream not important enough? Are you not ready to start your Dream Business? Are you stuck in doubts or lack of focus? You can’t get yourself out of that. You can’t “do what you can and hope for the best.” You need a solution and a plan. You need me. You need this opportunity.

You need CRAFT.

You can’t put a price tag on the life you believe you are supposed to live.  At the end of the day, there is no promise of tomorrow. So don’t leave your Dreams to chance.

Register for CRAFT. And we’ll build your dreams together.

That is my most solemn promise.

So join us. Sign up for CRAFT.

I know you will be so glad you did.



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