The Official Job Titles of a “Hero-preneur”

The Official Job Titles of a “Hero-preneur”

The Official Job Titles of a “Hero-preneur”


I’m going to go out on a limb with this post.

I’ve come to believe that being a full-time business owner is WAAAAY easier than being a part-time Entrepreneur.

I know. It’s a shocking assertion.

But seriously, I’m convinced this is true. Here’s why:

By the time you end up a business owner, you are making a paycheck. You may be stressed out by the gargantuan list of tasks that you have to do to keep your business functioning (get clients, keep clients, reach potential clients, administration and finance to name just a few), you can outsource. You can control your own schedule. You can afford to pay someone else to do what you don’t have the time for, and you don’t have to worry about not making enough to pay rent and buy food.

All things considering, it’s a pretty nice life.

To be a part-time Entrepreneur on the other hand, you must have some serious guts. You have to be willing to get bloody, to wade through the casualties of war (tight schedules, loads of stress, and financial peaks and valleys), and still be a person whom your friends and family actually want to be around (I won’t tell you how many times I’ve failed that one).

As I have considered my own journey as Entrepreneur encompassing Blogger, Photographer, Coach, and Marketer, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Sometimes I question my own sanity. Sometimes I question why I’m even bothering to dream. But at the end of the day, when I can step away from the emotion and intensity, I can see that what I do, and what all Entrepreneurs like me also do, it’s pretty doggone impressive.

So take a moment to applaud yourself, because you have special qualities.

Because this is what YOU are:

– “Productivity Yogi”: You have to balance it all. You don’t have the luxury of asking someone else to do it. It’s all on you. The paycheck work, the home work, and the passion work. That involves working through quite a serious number of hoops! It doesn’t take very long before you figure out impressive workarounds or strategies for managing it all (the Day Designer is mine!)

– “Notorious Courageous”: The failures and disappointments of today can’t affect you tomorrow. You take 10 seconds to revel in how epically you bit the dust, and then you literally have to “shake it off,” otherwise you’ll find yourself bitter and giving up. That doesn’t help any dream come true. Do you realize most people have a CRAZY HARD TIME with that?!? So chin up, you’re not the only one. What makes you different from everyone else, is that you have to face your fears DAILY if you are going to succeed. There’s no running as an Entrepreneur.

– “Positivity Beacon”: They say it takes 5 years to build a profitable business. If that’s true, you have to a long time ahead of you to stay upbeat and looking ahead to the better days. No. That’s not easy. At. All. My least favorite activity in the world is staying positive when all I see is the product of my labors resulting in a fraction of the fruit I had intended. But if you don’t do that, the negativity will suck you down into a whirlpool you soon can’t escape from. So on the rough days, make a list of the “little things” you are grateful for, and let those things touch your soul and build you up when your business feats can’t. And tell yourself it’ll be ok.

– “The Daringly Resilient”: At some point, I hope that I can take a punch and stay in for the countdown, but more often than not I tend to crawl back to my little corner of the ring and just want a snuggle. I’m realizing more and more that this is actually ok! Being resilient doesn’t mean that you don’t take the blows like an invincible super hero. On the rather, being resilient just means that when you get knocked down, you keep getting up. And you do this over, and over, until you gain that trophy win.

– “‘COC'(Chief Officer of Care)” – A quote I came across a few months ago has really stayed with me for some time now. In the midst of the busy and “get it done” mindset that we Entrepreneurs have to have, above all, we have to be “people-people.” Because really, “People don’t care how much you do, until they know how much you care.” The days you don’t see the progress you want to see, you just take a deep breath, and go call one of your best pals, or someone you know who needs encouragement. Then you have faith that the Proverb is true: “He who waters will he himself be watered.”

Do you realize how awesome you are?

Take heart my Entrepreneur friends.

It may not feel like it today, but you are the stuff that the great stories are written about.

After all, we all know that the Glory is in the Guts.

How are you faring in your Entrepreneurial Journey? Share in the comments below and we can encourage one another!

Or be a gem and share this article with a fellow Entrepreneur you know who could use the encouragement.

Cheering you on!


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