I’m Launching a NEW PAGE!

I’m Launching a NEW PAGE!

I’m Launching a NEW PAGE!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.01.07 PMI’m pretty stoked to be launching my new Business Page on Facebook.

Here’s why:

To this date, I’ve only ever had FB Pages specifically for my products – BrideInspired Wedding Photography, Craft Business Bootcamp etc. This page is different, because it is a page that will be devoted to Coaching Photographers and Creatives.

Empowerment, Education, and Inspiration for this special group of people is one of my greatest passions. I haven’t felt as though I’ve been able to do this effectively with pages for products. So… (ahem), I’m stoked to announce my new Facebook page will be just for that. I hope that it can be a place where my fellow Entrepreneur Creatives will go to for support in their ventures!

Well, would you do me a huge favor and head on over to give me a little “like”?

Happy Friday!


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