How to Make an Extra $1k This Month [as a Photographer]

How to Make an Extra $1k This Month [as a Photographer]

How to Make an Extra $1k This Month [as a Photographer]

Happy MondayIt’s Monday. I’m definitely feeling it today. Even though I’m loaded up on a delicious cup of coffee from Stardust Coffee [delicious and certainly worth the hour drive from my house], a vegan / gluten free cupcake from my favorite Rapshodic Bakery [Marzipan cream to be exact], my stress level is at a 10 and I’m not sure I’ll get to my yoga practice today. My poor body.

BUT, the mood of my Monday Madness was significantly improved when I got a message from the incredible designer Micah J Murray. Because this Monday [as in today], he chose to feature one of my blog posts on his site.

Seriously, someone PINCH ME.

Micah is seriously one of the best designers and writers of my acquaintance. I’ve known him distantly for over ten years now. Oh, and did I mention he is the one who built my site?!? [Yup. This greatness is due to his skilz].

If you want to read it, head on over to his site! You’ll read about why I am an artist, and why – in my opinion – we artists have a very sacred calling.


So today I have something specific on my mind. I’ve heard a lot in the last few weeks from a few Photographers who really, really, REALLY want to sign up for CRAFT, but feel like they can’t afford it. I appreciate the candor and honesty; On the other hand, I can speak from experience:

1. To make money, you have to invest money.

2. Rarely do we force ourselves to invest our time when we haven’t invested our money.

3. Business knowledge and application is the primary reason why photographers don’t achieve their Dreams.

Allow me to be frank. – and I know that by saying this I will probably lose a few of you, but I just have to be forth right:

Owning a camera gives you zero promise of making an income as an artist.

That may sound harsh, but I’m just telling you the facts. Only 2 out of every 10 photographers makes it in this industry – and they make it because they are armed with a camera and a whole heaping dose of Business Saavy. If you don’t know the business side, you won’t experience the joy of building your Dream Business. Don’t hate me for just telling you the statistics!

If you want to make it as a photographer, you need CRAFT Business Bootcamp as much as you need a camera.


I know, how can I say that right? Well I’ll give you my big promise here:

In your 6 weeks of CRAFT, I will help you make an extra $1,000 of income – just from the principles and exercises we work through together. That $1,000 will more than cover the cost of CRAFT.

There is ZERO risk for you!

The only investment you make, is one that I PROMISE you will make back completely! And can you imagine – at the end of CRAFT you will have launched your Dream Business, or taken it to a completely New Level.

This is your Dream Business we are talking about friend. How can you NOT afford to do CRAFT?

Especially when it is half off now through the March 16th launch date!

Oh. And I have good news!

Since I’m launching this introductory class in March, I’m throwing in an AMAZING Bonus: Everyone who signs up for CRAFT this session will get an automatic UPGRADE for WEEKLY one on one mentoring sessions with me! That’s an extra $300 value.

This is how much I want you to succeed as a full time photographer.

I’m not asking you to take a risk.

I’m asking you to make a commitment.

Don’t let anything get between you and your Dream Business.

I’m doing everything in my power to make CRAFT accessible to you. You can choose 3 payments. You can choose 2 payments. Or you can pay at once at the 50% off price.

Don’t wait another day.

Sign up for CRAFT NOW.

And say YES to your Dream Business!




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