Get Paying Clients {Now}: The Strategy for Photographers

Get Paying Clients {Now}: The Strategy for Photographers

Get Paying Clients {Now}: The Strategy for Photographers

Get Dream ClientsWhen you think of the biggest challenge a professional photographer could face, what comes to mind?

If you are like the thousands of other photographers across the world, most likely one of two points come up:

1). Finding paying clients (or getting paid by the ones you already have) and

2). How much to charge your clients (pricing)

It’s funny really. Because these two topics are the CORE reasons which separate a hobbyist photographer and a professional photographer. The quote I saw last week sums this up: “If you aren’t getting paid for your work, its actually a hobby.”

I want to tell you one thing: It’s ok if you are a hobbyist, because both the hobbyist and the pro ultimately have the same need: Getting paying clients. You can have spectacular work, gorgeous images, and be more professional than every other photographer you know; But if you aren’t making money with it (or as much as you want), you need to learn how to Get Paying Clients Now.

Which is why I’m suuuper stoked to tell you about my newest free offering for YOU.

Starting June 1st, I’m launching a new FB Group called “Get Paying Clients {Now}.” This group isn’t just a group, it’s a part of a course that I’m launching to help photographers no matter what phase they find themselves in growing their business.

Oh, and you did hear it’s FREE right?!?

I’m committed to helping photographers everywhere get results for their Craft. In part, because I truly believe that if we help one photographer, we help the entire industry. That only benefits all of us right?

This free course and group will give you the content, resources, and feedback you’ve been looking for with getting the clients you need. It’s my proven method, and how I’ve seen the most results with getting full time work as a professional photographer.

I know what you’re thinking: What’s the catch?

Believe it or not, there isn’t one. I simply want to help you Get Paying Clients, and become that full time photographer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

And to be 100% honest, I just LOVE business that much and want YOU to as well!

If YOU want to Get Paying Clients NOW, just sign up for my email list at the bottom of this post. I’ll send you the details and add you to this FREE Group today.

The course will launch June 1st, so spread the word to any photographer you believe could benefit!

Sign up to Get Paying Clients Here:

Happy Tuesday!


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