Free Coffee with Christina Dizon [My Book Giveaway]

Free Coffee with Christina Dizon [My Book Giveaway]

Free Coffee with Christina Dizon [My Book Giveaway]


I’ve had some incredible mentors in my life. These people helped me shape my artistic style and vision from the time I initially began my business. I faced the same challenges and questions you did. I had to find personal answers for my perspective, my art, my editing, my shooting style, and the combination of the above. It can be such an incredible challenge to work through these things. It was difficult enough with mentors who helped guide me. I could not have made the discoveries I did if I was all alone.

I truly believe that you can’t make it alone in this business. And now it’s time for me to give back.

So I have a proposition for you:  What do you say about sitting down with me for a long heart to heart over coffee? We could spend time brainstorming solutions for honing your Craft, or create strategies to deepen your photographic development with weddings and portraits. We could both be honest about your SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Assessment – within your Craft, and plan ways to build progress.

I know…Elephant in the room – I guess we can’t do that unless you live in Orlando or Celebration (and if you are here, you better believe I’d love to meet up).

But I have good news! I’ve brainstormed a work around for this. We may not be able to sit down and do coffee, but I have come up with a way that we can work on your Craft together. And I’m sooooo excited to share this with you!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had had a very special task on my business bucket list. I honestly didn’t know when I would be able to accomplish this. In fact the goal felt quite large and daunting every time I sat down to think of it. It may or may not be surprising, but my business bucket list has included writing books for photographers.

When I began pulling together my re-brand, I had a feeling that this was the time to also write my first book. Pulling together vision and perspective from my own career discoveries, I wrote Craft to specifically help you find ways to be innovative and progressive with your shooting career. It’s not an easy thing to develop your style, or take that to the next level. But I truly hope that my book can assist you with this.

From my heart to yours, here is the Zen and Art of Wedding Photography.

If you aren’t exclusively a wedding photographer, don’t worry. This little book is chalk full of tips for planning portrait shoots as well! I’ve had so many adventures in my shooting career and hope that you can take lessons I’ve learned and apply them to your own Craft.

Grab a cup of coffee – or tea if that’s your beverage of choice – and take some time to work on your Craft this weekend. I promise, no matter where you are in your journey, you will takeaway at least a few gems from Zen and Art!

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