[Entrepreneurship] The Greatest Adventure of Your Life

[Entrepreneurship] The Greatest Adventure of Your Life

[Entrepreneurship] The Greatest Adventure of Your Life

Kylah-5403-2An Entrepreneurs life is an adventure. And like every adventure, there are unending twists and turns, and seemingly insurmountable challenges around every bend and corner. In the beginning, there are only possibilities. But somewhere along the path, the band of merry characters find themselves worn down and pressed on every side. And the question is always asked, “will we ever make it?”

You CAN make it. And I’m going to tell you how.

Being an Entrepreneur is the hardest life you could ever chose.

It’s also the best life you could ever chose.

It’s the hardest because nothing is certain. It’s the best because you get to decide how to live your life. Ultimately, the life of an Entrepreneur really is for those who know exactly what they are looking for, even if they don’t entirely know how to get there. There’s something in an Entrepreneurs blood that drives them to search for freedom and passion and life down the path less chosen.

Why is it that so often the best things in life are also the hardest?

As many Entrepreneurs discover, you can’t make it through the adventure on your own. You need support. You need comrades in arms to help you fight through the good days, the bad days, and the just flat out “get the ___ beat out of you days.”

Those are the kind of connections that are priceless.

I met Kylah just 4 months ago. Within moments of our first meeting, it became quite clear that Kylah was practically my twin. A young professional with a history of resilience, striving for her goals, and leading those who believed in her. We’ve only known one another for 4 months, but hardly a day now goes by that we don’t communicate. We call each other “EntreBuddies.” She was in need of photos for upcoming campaigns for her business, The Confidence Boutique (and yes you gotta check her out!)

Kylah-5294-2 Kylah-5308-2 Kylah-5314-2 Kylah-5317-2 Kylah-5324-2 Kylah-5343-2 Kylah-5372-2 Kylah-5397-2 Kylah is an incredible woman and I’ve learned so much about Entrepreneurship from her. I am honored to announce that she is now my “official” Coach. In some ways I am surprised by how much surety I feel to have someone provide me with clarity, accountability, and objectivity. As my coach, Kylah is helping me create a plan, and a strategy for once again, becoming a sustainable Entrepreneur.

I’m on a race against the clock. I have 2 months to make my EntreLife happen. Don’t believe for a moment that I’m walking on cloud nine, or not stressed out of my mind (because I am). But my epiphany of the week was this: What Kylah does for me now, that is what I have done with three dozen photographers in my mentorship program. That is what I will be doing with my dream business.

So if I need a coach to make my dreams happen, so does every other PhotoPreneur I know.

I think that’s worth having a bit of courage for the Adventure, don’t you?

Thanks Kylah, for helping me make my dreams come to life.

And if you are waiting for the launch of Craft Business Bootcamp, don’t worry. On Thursday, February 12th, you won’t know what hit you! Sign up for my email list so you don’t miss it!

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