Cyber Monday Gift Guide for Photographers!

Cyber Monday Gift Guide for Photographers!

Cyber Monday Gift Guide for Photographers!


Let’s face it: Photographers can be a challenge to shop for. Our wish lists can get pricey fast, and most of the time, the top of the list would include “lenses!” Without some guidance, you may find yourself relegated to cheesy photographer shirts from the mall.

So for every photographer out there (and loved one of a photographer), I’m going to lend a hand – and feel free to thank me later!

When you want to buy the perfect gift for your photographer, Cyber Monday is hands down one of the best days of the year to purchase everything your photographer has been hoping for, but perhaps couldn’t justify the rest of the year. And unlike most full price retailers, these mark downs are absolutely worth while! Whether your gift giving search is for a budding photographer, or a pro, here are a few places to get you started from my personal favorites:

IMG_44871. Mastin Labs Presets: For the stunning, filmy look that is all the rave, head on over to Mastin Labs where their presets are 50% off! Every photographer wants to save time on their editing, so this gift you really can’t go wrong. Even established pro’s are always looking for a breath of fresh air in their style or productivity and this is the best price you will get!

IMG_40552. Sixth Blooms basics photography course: For all new photographer enthusiasts, this online course will give a great first jump into the world of manual settings, and the technicals that will open up a new world of creative exploration! And use this code for $50 off today (sixthbloom50)!

BoldBrandingSALE3. The Bold .Branding online business course for photographers. Give the Gift of profitability for the upcoming year! For the aspiring photographer who is near and dear to your heart, this course will give an intensive and thorough experience in creating the kind of business brand that will be authentic for them. Get 60% off today!

IMG_40534. Craft and Vision Resources: If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, here you have a great variety of inspirational books and resources for photographers at every stage of the photographic game. And for Cyber Monday you get 50%! Choose from over 100 titles of ebooks, planners, guides, and magazines to expand your photography knowledge.

IMG_40525. Bloom Theory Straps: If you want a unique and special gift for your photographer, head over to the Bloom Theory Straps. From sparkles to sequins, their camera straps and bags are beautiful and one of a kind. Purchase this week and get 20% off all products.

Need more inspiration? Check out this article for a comprehensive list for your photographer here!

Happy Cyber Monday!

– Christina and Hannah

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