Business Course for Photographers


You love being a photographer.

Making a career out of your passion is everything you have always dreamed of.

You create beautiful work, and everyone in your life agrees.
You believe in yourself.
You think you could do it.

But you know how to be a photographer.

Being a business owner is risky, and you don’t want to join the legions of photographers who are defined as Starving Artists. If you do this, if you are going to put everything into building a photography business, it must pay off.

The Photographers Business Course is for y.o.u. and every photographer who wants to create a dream business – once and for all.

Say “No” to Starving Artist.  Say “Yes” to your Dreams.


My name is Christina and I am a photographer like you. For 6 years I ran a thriving and successful Wedding Photography Business all over the country. With much blood, sweat, and tears, I Crafted a business that enabled me to live my dreams to the fullest!

It is my greatest joy and pleasure to help other Photographers and Business owners Craft their dream businesses! In just a few months I will be releasing my step-by-step formula for Crafting a your dream business in just 4 weeks!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an answer to every single question and puzzle you’ve ever asked about the specifics of setting up your dream business?

Get ready, because my Business Course for Photographers is the single course you can’t afford not to take!

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