A Special Bit of Glam [for Your Life]

A Special Bit of Glam [for Your Life]

A Special Bit of Glam [for Your Life]


“Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights us.”Blaise Pascal

I don’t know about you, but it always amazes me when the people who are closest to you actually believe in you.

Yes I realize that this may sound silly. But in truth I am astounded because the people closest to you, the ones that you live with, they are also the ones who see your flaws, your failings, your inconsistencies, and they believe in you anyway.

My roommate Jeniece is one of the kindest, generous, most lovely souls I have known. She has become “my girl” in the best way one can say about a true friend. Our similar health issues opened the door for us to commiserate about food restrictions, lifestyle exhaustion’s, and hope that one day with enough care, our bodies will get better. They say there is fellowship in suffering. It’s been very true of my friendship with Jeniece.

This girl believes in me and my work and what I have to offer in a way that touches the deepest part of my soul. I now consider her to be “my rep,” because she refers me so consistently and openly to her connections. She doesn’t have to – she wants to, because she has a desire for me to succeed in a way only true friends can.

Jeniece and I have similar hearts to share beauty and inspiration with our world. We’ve been collaborating to pull together some stunning photo shoots that will quite literally take your breath away. And right now you’ll get just a little taste.

With this I also have a little announcement: As a result from my time working with Jeniece to build my brand and business even more, I’ve decided to include a Glamor shoot to ALL my wedding packages. Why? Because I truly believe that the gift of transparent, raw, and authentic beauty is one of the best and most beautiful things a wife can give to her husband. I’m so stoked about this I can’t wait to schedule my own with one of my favorite photographers on the planet! (Check out her work here!!!!)

And a special note to my Orlando friends and Brides: Mention this blog post and you will receive an additional 20% off your session booking. Why? Because I believe in this message of beauty. And I thank God that my lovely roommate Jeniece has inspired that.

Email me here to book your Glamor session TODAY and get your 20% off!

Now, I leave you to some inspiration for your day:


JenieceGlam-5167 JenieceGlam-5189 JenieceGlam-5201 JenieceGlam-5221 JenieceGlam-5232 JenieceGlam-5245 JenieceGlam-5252If you want tips on how to create gorgeous glamor portraits like these, download MY BOOK here!

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