5 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs [they’ll change your life!]

5 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs [they’ll change your life!]

5 Best Apps for Entrepreneurs [they’ll change your life!]

FullSizeRenderEvery Photographer has at least half a dozen camera apps on their phone. It’s ok. I don’t judge (I think I have 4). It’s no question that we love our art and there are moments when the ease of our phone cameras just can’t be surprised.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to give a lecture on iPhone cameras. There are plenty of resources and challenges for photographers to develop their artistic eye with these modern little devices. I have something else in mind.

In these modern times, our phones come close to holding our entire lives.  We use them for everything short of an eating utensil. So with these little devices, photographers have some pretty fantastic tools to help start and run their businesses. Trust me, I know. I’m attached to my iPhone at the hip (figuratively of course). I’ve found a lot of pretty fabulous apps in my day, and these apps are key components in running my business. Whether I am working from home or at a coffee shop for the day, my iPhone / iPad apps make my life better.

I thought it would be fun to walk you through my favorite iPhone / iPad apps that I use every single day. Seriously, what do I need to do to convince you of how much you need them?!?

Without further adieu! Here are my 5 favorite apps for Entrepreneurs / Photo-Preneurs!

1. Bloglovin: You know how there were a million blog readers when google was still the main server for feeds? Gone are those days. It took some time to replace, but I finally found the most amazing app called Bloglovin. You can access every blog you’ve ever read – and it will intuitively add the blogs you are currently looking at in your web browser. All your blogs are organized in a list, so you can read them by blog, or by most recent posts. I love this app and am so happy it is in my life. I mean, a photographer has to stay visually inspired too right? This is what I use to do just that (and shout out to Aubry for passing it onto me!)

2. Notability: On the go and need someone to sign a model release? You don’t have to worry about handling paper anymore. This app allows you to import pdf forms from email or dropbox (and a host of other ways), and then you have the ability to actually “write” via the touch screen. This makes it supremely easy to capture your clients signatures on a model release while you are on the go. Then you can email that very same release back to your client for their records as well. It’s a cinch! It also works fantastically for signing pdf contracts when you sit down to book a client. (I currently use this app every day to log my weights / reps during my gym time – hey even photographers gotta work out right?)

3. Kindle: I have so many books on kindle its not even funny. Everyone knows about kindle, but I’m still shocked by how many people don’t use it. You just can’t beat having your reading library accessible from your mobile devices. You can get all your business reading done while waiting on that tardy client!

4. Mailbox: Seriously my life changed with this App. It is the one email app that allows you to log your emails easier than you can say “log.” The goal is to daily get your inbox down to “0”, and to do so, you can log your emails as done, for a later date, or in other folders you’ve assigned. I don’t know about you but getting my inbox down to “0” was always a heartbreaking feat – but now it is soo easy! And I feel amazing when I have accomplished that!

5. Things: Ok, this app basically changed my life. I promise I am not exaggerating. I paid $9.99 for this app back in the days when I first was building up BrideInspired. The goal was to use it as a project and task manager. Now I realize that price tag is a lot to pay for an app – trust me it’s one of the only apps I’ve paid that much for. But hear me out: This app allows you to create “Areas of Responsibility,” under which you can have “Current Projects,” and then “Actions.” Every one of those areas can have a due date, tags, and you can also star anything to go into the “Today” category. If you don’t have the time to file it quickly, just create an action under the “Inbox” and wait to file it until later. The absolute BEST part about this app is the fact that you can purchase the computer version as well and it all syncs via the cloud. So all the work I get done on Things for my computer will update on my phone and everything is current.

Make some room to download these apps. You will LOVE them! And PS – Sign up for my email list, because my email list is eligable to WIN the “THINGS” iPhone for Free! Say whaaaaat?!? It’s true – just sign up below RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW and I may choose your name to get “THINGS” for free. I know! It will change your life!!!


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